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Alpine Stool in Cherry Graft and Walnut 1

The Alpage Stool

An authentic, graceful interior companion.

Cherry graft and Walnut

Alpine Stool in Cherry Graft and Walnut 1


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Unique piece


This Alpine Stool is a warm and delicate indoor companion.

Its silhouette is stocky, resolutely anchored – it brings a sense of stability and confidence. A powerful, flat seat made from cherry wood graft with complex, cloudy patterns. The conical walnut legs add contrast and character. A natural asperity is highlighted with a gold-leaf appliqué on the encroachment, revealing rather than hiding the particularity – in the spirit of Japanese Kintsugi.

  • Constrating Seat and Feet
  • Asperity revealed in gold leaf
  • Rare solid wood
  • Unique hand-made piece
  • Height: 50cm

This unique piece is made entirely by hand, and is part of a limited-edition, hand-crafted collection designed to showcase the work of specialized artisans and the specificity of local wood species. The innovative method used to assemble the footing ensures that the structure is extremely sturdy.

Shapes are deliberately irregular – it’s a sensitive work guided by the desire to highlight all the special features of wood.

Country Of Manufacture: France (Isère)
Wood types: Cherry graft (seat), Walnut (feet)

This stool is made from two types of wood chosen for their nobility.

The seat is made from Cherry Graft.
Obtained from a grafted area, a natural swelling, this unique species offers complex, ethereal, anarchic patterns – reminiscent of the arabesques of fossilised wood. Its deep colour is tinged with amber, gold and honey.

The yoke is made from Walnut, a highly prized wood used in cabinet making.
Walnut has a rich colour, alternating between brown and black, and a subtle, deep grain.

We are proud to work with passionate craftsmen – renowned for their mastery and ability to make the most of noble, natural raw materials.

Our garments are made in specialized French workshops, located in different regions of France renowned for their expertise (Loire, Haute-Loire, Tarn, etc.).

We pay particular attention to materials, building localized and specialized production lines. We work in collaboration with weavers/spinners to design garments using specific natural materials.

To maintain the wood of this stool, we recommend oiling it every year.

To ensure the best possible longevity, we also recommend not exposing the stool to direct sunlight for excessive periods of time.

All the maintenance recommendations are detailed in the booklet supplied with the stool.

This stool has a standard height and a wide seat.

Height: 50cm
Seat diameter: 32cm
Weight: 15kg

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The Alpage Stool


Out of stock

Unique piece

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