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In order to produce fashion that is respectful of people – the people who make our clothes as well as the people who wear them – we have decided to relocate and control our production chain.

Local materials

In order to avoid using raw materials from processes that involve modern slavery, forced labour, disease or animal abuse – we have decided to work exclusively with two types of materials:
– French virgin and natural fibres
– Fully recycled fibres

Thanks to this control of our virgin fibre supply chain, we know that we are using materials that do not cause social problems. On the contrary, we know that the materials used are sources of income for local actors and territories. We know that the fibres used encourage controlled and beneficial agricultural practices.

Regarding recycled fibre, we use fully recycled fibre from neighbouring countries (Italy), ensuring decent working conditions.

Douillet - Clothes made in France - Map of a local and natural production chain

Local transformations

Our processing chain is localised as much as possible around the South-East of France. By necessity, certain stages can be carried out in border countries (Italy, Belgium) – because certain actors have expertise in techniques (washing, combing) for fibres that have been lost in France and are struggling to be reintegrated.

These French and European processes ensure decent and controlled working conditions.

Photo of workers combing wool in French workshops in the 20th century.

Made in France

All our pieces are made in France, in selected workshops with whom we have a close and regular relationship.

We are proud to declare that our clothing allows local actors and savoir-faire to live.

Nos partenaires

These are the major players we work with to process and add value to local fibres.


Lavage du Gévaudan

French Wool Washing
Haute Loire
, France


French Wool Washing

Peignage dumortier

French Wool Combing
Nord, France

Filature du parc

French Wool Spinning
Tarn, France

Filature Fonty

French Wool Deying and Spinning
Creuse, France


Wool and Cashmere Recycling and Spinning

Alpes Filati

French Wool Deying and Spinning


BC Maille 3D

Integral knitting of beanies and scarves
, France

Interstyl/Atelier de Boissiers

Integral knitting of beanies
Haute-Loire, France

Maille Berry

Fully-fashioned knitting
Indre, France



Recycled woven and printed labels
, France

Cartonnerie Jean

Fully recycled label paper
Creuse, France

Cocorico letterpress

Manual printing for labels
Haute Savoie, France

Maison Douillet