Logo of the brand Maison Douillet

We are committed to create respectfully.
These are the key points around which our company is organised, enabling us to design sustainable clothing.

Local and natural materials

We only use natural and local fibres.

We exclude from our collections all synthetic or virgin materials not originating from France.

We are currently working with two raw materials only:
– Merino sheep’s wool from Arles.
– A blend of wool and cashmere entirely recycled in Italy.

In our future development we are considering the inclusion of fibres such as Mohair wool from France, linen or French hemp.

French Manufacture

All our products are made in France.
The fibres we use are processed locally, in France or in neighbouring countries when expertise is required (e.g. combing wool in Italy).
We encourage local manufacturing because it is a guarantee of quality and ensures that clothes are produced in decent conditions.

Promoting Circularity

We use recycled materials as much as possible – not only in the design of our clothes, but also in our accessories and ‘extras’.

A large part of our collection is made of recycled fibre (wool and cashmere entirely recycled and pre-consumed in Italy*)
Our woven labels are made entirely of recycled polyester in France.
Our hang-tags, printed in France, are made entirely of recycled paper in France.

*cf. article on Circularity

Zero waste production

All our current pieces are knitted without waste.

Our beanies and scarves are knitted using the integral knitting method – or 3D knitting.
Our jumpers are knitted using the fully-fashioned technique.

These techniques involve knitting pieces to the exact final dimensions – custom knitting that avoids generating waste.
So there is no waste of raw material thrown away – all the material is used to create the garment.

Regulated production

Our beanies and scarves are knitted in small, limited series – no endless restocking.

Our other knitwear is made to order: each piece ordered is made especially for the person who ordered it.

These methods prevent over-stocking, which would lead to losses and be harmful to the environment.

Timeless Design

We encourage “timeless” design: our garments are constructed with the most durable materials possible and with a design that is unaffected by trends and seasons. We want to make clothes that last over time and remain desirable.

Maison Douillet