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Since our beginnings, in order to valorise local and natural resources, we use the wool of the Merino sheep of Arles.

Variety of French wools

France has 56 breeds of sheep, whose wool has varying qualities and uses. The wool of Merino sheep from Arles is the most qualitative and allows refined and respectful creations.

Merinos d'Arles: queen of wools

The Mérinos d’Arles sheep, raised in the Crau plain, produces the finest sheep’s wool in Europe. The Crau plain is a semi-arid steppe close to the Camargue, whose pastoral activity dates back more than 4000 years. Sheep farming on the Crau plain has been essential to the creation and maintenance of the current unique eco-system. The pastoralism of the Mérinos d’Arles also benefits the alpine and pre-alpine mountain systems [1].

Arles wool is the result of an ecosystem in balance, and the breeding is beneficial for its direct environment. It is a natural, renewable, high quality, local material that allows the creation of a range of knitwear.

We are proud to participate in the development of this fibre of excellence.

Maison Douillet