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We believe that the future of fashion is circular. We are convinced that it is important that designs and materials can be transformed and reused over and over again.

Circular economy

The circular economy breaks away from the existing business model, which is based on the exploitation of virgin and finite resources to create a product that will be thrown away at the end of its life.
It is based on three principles:
– eliminate waste and pollution
– maintain products and materials in use
– regenerating natural systems
The circular economy requires us to fundamentally change the way we create, produce and consume.

Douillet Beanie Brown Composition Mountain

Zero waste manufacturing

We use waste-free knitting techniques for all our knitwear (jumpers, scarves, beanies).

Full knitting – for beanies and scarves – and fully-fashioned knitting – for other knits – allow us to create a piece without wasting material.


We only use organic materials – which are in essence renewable.

If processed correctly, these materials can be re-used once they have been used, either in composted form or for a new industrial purpose (insulation, yarn, etc.).

The use of recycled materials, or virgin materials from non-destructive agricultural practices – allows the creation of renewable clothing.

French Merino wool comes from a thousand-year-old pastoral system that is beneficial to the environment.

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Regenerated cashmere is a fundamentally circular material made of locally fully recycled fibres.

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To design our woven labels, we use only recycled polyester – from food waste recycling.

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Our hang-tags are made from 100% recycled paper.

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