Logo of the brand Maison Douillet

Every action we take is driven by a belief: that people and the planet deserve to be protected.

To care for our environment and our species, we seek to create the most respectful fashion possible.

Designing clothes in a thoughtful, rigorous and sensitive way – valuing local and natural resources, working with passionate and dignified people – is our way of creating with respect and beauty.

Our commitments

We seek to develop sustainable fashion that is deeply in tune with nature and the societies around it – sustainable, clean, natural. We have therefore made important choices to ensure that our creations have a positive impact.

Jean pose avec le bonnet Douillet orange en extérieur lors de la saison automnale

Social Accountability

Our brand is deeply rooted in its territory and community. We are proud to offer a fashion that is rewarding for people – that allows our regions and the French agricultural sector to develop.

Materials and innovation

Raw materials are at the heart of our concerns. The attention paid to the type of fibre selected, their impact, their origin, is a work that we have carried out since the origin of our company – in order to offer deeply respectful products.

Wherever possible, we use fully recycled natural fibres.

We believe in the value of local and natural fibres.


Our creations and actions must meet the criteria of the circular economy. We want our creations, our company, our vision to be sustainable over time. We rely on innovative methods to recycle, reuse and create without waste. Circular design is the future.

Douillet Beanie Grey Composition Sea
Douillet Beanie Brown Composition Mountain
Maison Douillet